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I Have Pelvic Pain. What Treatment Options Are There for Correcting This Problem?

Pelvic pain itself is not a syndrome but instead a symptom of an underlying cause. It will be important to try and determine why you are having pelvic pain in order to properly treat it. However, diagnosing the root cause can often involve a trial and error process. Your doctor may need to spend some time using various tests to determine your diagnosis. In the meantime, pelvic pain from an unknown cause can be treated through different manners.  » Read more about: I Have Pelvic Pain. What Treatment Options Are There for Correcting This Problem?  »


Congratulations to Dr. Thad Denehy and Dr. Robert Taylor on being nominated again as “Top Doctors” in New Jersey Monthly and Inside Jersey for 2014! Having been nominated by their peers, referrals are the highest compliment any doctor can receive and even more so when acute and complicated cases are involved. Both Dr. Denehy and Dr. Taylor often receive such cases from physicians and surgeons who refer their technically challenging, medically compromised and hi-risk patients for surgical and medical management of both benign and malignant gynecologic conditions.  » Read more about: AWARDS  »


To participate in a FREE full day course for all gynecologic cancer survivors, friends, family members and others go to for more information on 2014-2015 events located throughout the U.S.  » Read more about: FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN’S CANCER  »


In September 2014, GCPS helped bring awareness to National Ovarian Cancer Month by participating in walkathons for Kaleidoscope of Hope and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC). For more information about these organizations go to and  » Read more about: OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS  »