Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery in West Orange, NJ

Another major function of Gyn Cancer & Pelvic Surgery, LLC is the role of a regional referral center for reconstructive vaginal surgery. The entire spectrum of various pelvic support defects (hernias), such as posthysterectomy vaginal vault and uterine prolapses, cystoceles, rectoceles, or enteroceles (vaginal herniations of the bladder, rectum or small bowel), as well as stress urinary incontinence, are expertly and comprehensively treated. Many women, most often after vaginal childbirth, become aware of a significant relaxation of the vaginal walls which are in reality variations of vaginal prolapse, cystoceles, rectoceles and enteroceles and may be amenable to surgical correction or management with pessaries.

Dr. Denehy is able to perform vaginal reconstructive prolapse surgeries without an abdominal incision and without using prolapse mesh via a transvaginal approach, which has become especially crucial given the aging population. This affords a markedly lower complication rate and quick return to normal functioning. Additionally, through publications, lectures and practice, Dr. Denehy has championed the resurgence of a extremely expeditious minimally invasive procedure (LeFort colpocleisis) for the treatment of symptomatic severe pelvic organ prolapse in medically compromised elderly women.

Dr. Denehy sees patients from Maplewood, Millburn, Livingston, Roseland, Bloomfield, and more. Call (973) 243-9300 to schedule your consultation today.

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