Vaginal Agenesis Treatment in West Orange, NJ

What is Vaginal Agenesis?

Vaginal agenesis is an uncommon birth defect that causes abnormal development of the vagina. Such abnormalities may include a shallow, remnant, or nonexistent vagina.

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Common Symptoms

Women with vaginal agenesis typically experience few symptoms, other than those related to the menstrual cycle. This is due to the connection between the uterus and the vagina. If the menstrual flow has no way to exit the uterus through the vagina, or if this flow is blocked in any way, painful symptoms will occur.

Vaginal agenesis can also make it difficult or painful to engage in sex. Pregnancy is often very challenging if not impossible as well.

Related Conditions

Many individuals with vaginal agenesis will also experience other medical issues. Conditions affecting the uterus, kidneys, and skeletal system are especially common.

Treatment for Vaginal Agenesis

Cases of vaginal agenesis that affect the patient’s quality of life will often lead to some type of vaginal reconstructive surgery. The specifics of this surgery will be dependent upon the extent of the vaginal deformities caused by vaginal agenesis.

Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

Gyn Cancer & Pelvic Surgery, LLC is also a well-known national referral source for the management of young women with congenital anomalies of the vagina and uterus such as vaginal agenesis (women born without a vagina and/or uterus), vaginal septae and obstructed uteri.

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